Landscaping Services

daVally Garden Services are experts at all aspects of hard and soft landscaping, starting with the planning and design process all the way through to the building and planting.

If you have an idea, or particularly want a garden in a specific style to give your existing garden a complete or partial makeover, daVally Garden Services can guide you through the whole exercise.

Hard landscaping, such as patios and paving, rockeries or ponds and water features can be created from the finest materials and designs that range from the classic to the ultra-modern.

daVally Garden Services are experts at selecting the most suitable components for the soft landscaping, so whatever plants are appropriate, they can be suited to both the style of the garden and the quality and suitability of the soil.

  • Hard and Soft Landscaping
  • Planning and Design
  • Garden Makeovers
  • Patios and Paving
  • Rockeries and Rock Beds
  • Ponds and Water Features
  • Sleeper and Gravel Beds
  • Driveways and Paths
  • Decking, Arbours and Pergolas
  • Raised Beds and Borders
  • Real and Artificial Turf
  • Stone and Brickwork
  • Fencing Supplied and Installed
  • Land Drains

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